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Data-driven growth through Lean Insights

Lean Insights is a startup metrics’ focused company. We are experts in assisting online businesses, of all sizes, define the strategy, deployment and management of lean metrics methodologies.

Together we have more than 10 years experience with methodologies and philosophies as Lean Analytics, Pirate Metrics, Complete Web Monitoring, Growth Hacking and Always Be Testing.

Lean Insights is all about realizing fast, effective, and affordable insights to achieve data-driven growth.

You build, we measure and together we learn how well your company is performing, and improve.

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“We went from anonymous and meaningless analytics to full blown customer insights. Lean Insights assisted us with getting the right tools to get detailed insights of our different clients so we could act and improve a lot faster. We now have complete profiles of our customers. All the actions are measured from the homepage to a completed order, including all customer communications. And the best part of it… we can segment every single piece of data the way we want.

Tim Beglinger [SRPRS.ME]
Tim Beglinger SRPRS.ME

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